February 4, 2014

#bahiamemories Last week: Vila Galé

Enjoying some family time. Finally (pooh, that took a long time) here is my last #bahiamemories, from my 3rd week there in November 2013.
I already mentioned many times in these two posts (here and here) how beyond amazing the time was that I spent in Bahia last November. 
This pictures show even more what a stunning paradise it is there.
In this post I`m showing you the second week I spent there with my whole family in the all inclusive hotel Vila Galé. It was just an incredible time, the weather was perfect, we talked and laughed a lot and enjoyed so much the time together.
I started to do crochet, thanks to my mum and my grandma, they really took a passion out of me, it`s my favorite hobby right now. (By the way there is some project coming in the next months that has to do with it, stay tuned ;))

As you know I actually  don`t like to post family pictures, but these are just to cute :) 

December 20, 2013

#bahimamemories: My cousin`s wedding

Surreal moments. Sometimes (in the most inappropriate times, like under the shower, during work,...) I get the best ideas for the texts I want to write on my post, but with no possibility to write it down! -.-  This unfortunately happened again with this post, anyway I can remember some parts of the text I wanted to write, so I`ll do my best now.

My cousin`s wedding was just surreal.  The wedding was on a Saturday. On the Friday before they had a "welcome cocktail party" that was beyond amazing and with the location, the music and everything this could have been already the wedding. But it wasn`t it was "just" the welcome party. As I already said, the location was unique, I have never been to somewhere like this before.
As you maybe already read on this post, my cousin married in Salvador, Bahia, in Brazil.
For the welcome party, which also was a white party, we got to a skyscraper where a "Baihana" (a woman from Bahia) welcomed us and gave to every single one a long necklace with small white and blue balls (see on the picture below). 
We were on the ground-floor and instead of going upstairs to the top of the skyscraper (where most of the parties take place) we got "downstairs" with a special elevator that brought us near to the shore. And that`s when we arrived at this absolutely amazing landscape (2nd picture) with a band (with the most amazing singer, see her on the 3rd picture) playing Brazilian music, that I love so much and don`t get so often the opportunity to hear it, well at least not like this!
So just imagine everyone dressed in white, dancing around, with this location and the perfect weather for it... what a feeling! And I`m only talking about the welcome party!

The next day was even more special. (Could this actually be possible??) The wedding was at 3 pm, which I found just perfect, and in the museum of sacred art in Salvador. The surrounding area? I almost can`t find anymore other words to describe it, beyond amazing! With a view to the sea. And the church was so beautiful! 
After the ceremony we got out to this area you can see on the 4th picture where we had some appetizers and drinks. 
After dinner we started dancing and like from the middle of nowhere there appeared this band (13th picture) with drums and every musical instrument you need to play Brazilian music. This moment was really unique.
We danced a lot than, till 2 am (of course I was one of the last ones to go, no way I would have gone earlier home from this wedding!) and you can`t imagine how my feet looked like after this 2 nights of partying in high heels, which I am totally not used to! 
But of course, it was absolutely worth it!

So for the white party I was wearing a dress from Zara. For the wedding a dress from Nicole Miller, shoes, scarf and bag are very old and I don`t now anymore from where they are ^^

I wanted to post more pictures from the locations and just very few from my family, because I don`t like very much to post family pictures on the blog. I think some are okay and this is also what I did on this post (This is also why I didn`t post pictures from the bridal couple). But someway I had to show you the stunning wedding dress from my cousin, right? 
I hope everyone (including my cousin) is okay with that.

When I think about that time and see these pictures, there is one song that doesn`t get out of my mind: "Rosa" from Olodum.